ANYWHERE 3rd Workshop

The ANYWHERE 3rd Workshop will be held in Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain), on 13th-14th November 2018. The selected venue is the World Trade Center Barcelona (more details on the section Venue). The Workshop is aimed for ANYWHERE Project Partners and for members of the Stakeholders Boar, private companies belonging to the Commercial Associate Board, as well as for other invited organisations from various fields of civil protection and rescue services.

The ANYWHERE Project meeting and General Assembly will be held in Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain) on the 15th-16th November 2018, at the headquarters of the Civil Protection General Directorate (more details on the section Venue). Project Meeting and GA are aimed for the ANYWHERE project Partners and the Advisory Board members.


Scope of the ANYWHERE 3rd Workshop

The main purpose of the 3rd Workshop is to discuss about the project and its related advancements with the external institutions that are members of the Stakeholders’ Board along with the Commercial Associates of the project, as well as with the Advisory Board members, and to consolidate the collaboration between the European civil protection actors.

Additionally, to foster generating an adequate atmosphere among RTD partners, developers, first-responders, stakeholders, and enterprises offering services to create the complicity among all these actors to ensure the success of the collaborative approach needed in the project to effectively integrate the real-time operation requirements in the design of the systems and services that tackle the societal challenges foreseen.

Please check the rest of the sections for consulting the agenda, details on the venue and travel recommendations, formal registration, etc.

Scope of the ANYWHERE 7th Project Meeting

The 7th ANYWHERE Project Meeting and 9th General Assembly in Barcelona (Civil Protection General Directorate), is intended only for project partners. The main purpose of the gathering is to follow-up the current status of the project tasks, to interact and to discuss further detailed plans of the future progress, as well as to perform a constructive interaction with the Advisory Board.

ANYWHERE in Nutshell

The challenge
To empower exposed responder institutions and citizens to enhance their anticipation and self-preparedness to face extreme and high-impact weather-induced events.

To develop a pan-European multi-hazard platform for faster analysis and anticipation of the risk prior to event occurrence by means of cutting edge innovative technologies. To improve coordination of the emergency actions taken by Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) and to raise the self-awareness and self-preparedness of population at risk.

More effective early warning systems and decision support systems, accompanied by tailored online services developed to support self-preparedness, self-protection, and self-response of citizens. Advanced technological innovations to Civil Protection, first responders and emergency authorities supporting them in faster and more effective responses to Weather and Climate induced disasters and emergencies.

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