ANYWHERE 3rd Workshop – Agenda for Partners

Belown is shown the (latest) agenda of the workshop and meeting.

Download the agenda in pdf format


Lunches and dinners included on the agenda will be covered by Anywhere Project. Lunches will be carried on the main venue.

When performing the registration, please indicate the dinners that you will attend.

Spaces and Rooms inside the WTC:

Different WTC spaces are being used for the Workshop (mainly the two first items on the following list):
- Auditorium: this is the main room where the plenary sessions of the Workshop will be held. The badges will be provided to the participants at the entrance of this room on Tuesday 13th morning.
- Room “Port Vell”: where the coffee-breaks and lunches will be carried out. Additionally, the posters and the exhibits will be permanently there, in order to take advantage of the breaks to allow participants getting first-hand knowledge about the project developments. A small storage room is available so luggage can be stored safely if necessary.
- Room A3: only for hosting the Round Table 4 in parallel to the plenary sessions (Tuesday 13th, 16:00-17:30). It is located on the top part of the Auditorium.
- Rooms SUR 11 + SUR 12: only for hosting the ANYCaRE table-top risk awareness game (Wednesday 14th, 9:00-11:00). It is located on the first floor (upstairs).

Below is shown a floor map of the WTC highlighting the spaces used:


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