Deterministic and probabilistic precipitation type estimate

Deterministic and probabilistic precipitation type forecast at ground level. The forecasted precipitation categories are; i) rain, drizzle, and freezing rain, freezing drizzle, sleet and snow.

Description & Technical Information


Ideally, this product is plotted as a meteogram, showing the probabilities of each precipitation type for a specific location. The minimum value of precipitation is determined to be 0.1 mm/h. The product is based on NWP models (ECMWF, HIRLAM and GFS) and the best guess of the FMI’s meteorologists. Outside of Fennoscandia the product utilize only outputs of NWP models. The probabilistic forecast utilize poor man ensemble prognosis system (PEPS) including previous model runs.

Technical information

Coverage Europe
Horizon 5 days
Time Resolution 3-hourly up to 120 h lead time
Spatial Resolution ~18 km
Update 12 h
Nature Raster Maps, Time Series
Availability , , , ,

Model or Algorithm