FMI Numerical Weather Prediction models

Probability maps for atmospheric parameters are generated with GLAMEPS (Grand Limited Area Model Ensemble Prediction System) developed on HIRLAM/ALADIN. HIRLAM has been operational since March 06, 2012. It has a horizontal resolution of 0.068 degrees on 65 vertical levels with lowest model level at ca 12 m.

Description & Technical Information


GLAMEPS is installed on the computers at ECMWF and uses the ECMWF EPS as boundary model. The GLAMEPS ensemble is a 48+4-member multi-model ensemble, with 4 control members plus 48 perturbed members, the latter of which include lagging. GLAMEPS is run over 4 cycles per day for hours 00, 06, 12 and 18 UTC, where each cycle runs a 24+4 member ensemble. The member configuration is such that two consecutive cycles make up a full 48+4 member ensemble.
Meteograms (GLAMEPS-o-GRAMs) are generated from selected locations, including graphs for temperature, wind and precipitation. Probability maps for atmospheric parameters, where each ensemble member is equally weighted. The processed parameters comprise:

3h accumulated precipitation probability maps
wind gust at 10m probability maps
mean sea level pressure ensemble mean/spread maps
wind at 10m probability maps
wind at 925hPa level probability maps
temperature at 2m probability maps, ensemble mean/spread maps
temperature at 850hPa level ensemble mean/spread maps
geopotential at 500hPa level ensemble mean/spread maps

Output domain is NLON (870), NLAT(660), SOUTH(-11.5), WEST(-52.4), NORTH(37.925), EAST(12.775), POLAT(-46.0), POLON(30.0) and mesh size(0.075°) .

Technical information

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