RAVAKE: Heavy rainfall nowcasting

RAVAKE generates probabilistic precipitation forecasts combining weather radar-based nowcast seamlessly with various deterministic numerical weather prediction (NWP) models. Currently it is applied in weather radar network of Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Description & Technical Information


RAVAKE is a probabilistic precipitation prediction system that applies 51 extrapolative nowcast ensemble members from the Finnish weather radar network as well as 51 PEPS members from the HIRLAM/Harmonie NWP system and 51 EPS members from the ECMWF IFS system. Update cycle of the predictions is 15 minutes. The main output products from the RAVAKE system consist of accurate local forecasts (resolution 1 km) of the best estimate rainfall and exceedance probabilities of rainfall class threshold in a continuous time range of 15 minutes to 5 days. Seamless continuity is achieved by blending the three sets of ensembles in the time domain.

Technical information

References M. Heinonen, M. Jokelainen, T. Fred, J. Koistinen, H. Hohti, Improved wet weather wastewater influent modelling at Viikinmäki WWTP by on line weather radar information, Water Science and Technology, Aug 2013, 68 (3) 499-505; DOI: 10.2166/wst.2013.213.
Developer FMI