Actionable decisions

The impact forecasts are turned into actionable decisions, which are determined according to the evolution of the event, providing adequate information management and decision-support during weather-induced emergencies.

The forecasted impacts that will affect the citizenship can be individually matched to the self-protection plans defined by the authorities for specific vulnerable areas (evacuation/self-protection pans for industries or critical buildings such as hospitals and schools), in order to trigger the recommended actionable decisions to be taken to preserve safety.

Consistent and actionable forecasts, warnings and preparedness information are provided to decison-makers at all levels, enabling a new concept in emergency management from reactive to proactive.

How are actionable decisions made:

  • Providing adequate information management and decision-support during a crisis situation.

  • Transforming data into a structured form of actionable knowledge for decision support.

  • Helping emergency responders to improve community resilience, to enhance their preparedness, to manage the crisis or to implement the recovery.