Prospection Visit to MERCADONA to evaluate response capabilities under extreme weather events

On 10th May 2018, the Coordination Team of the ANYWHERE project, along with partner RINA (Italy), by invitation of the Catalan Food Distributors Council (CEDAC) made a visit to the highly-automated Regional Centre for food logistic of MERCADONA (one of the main Spanish food distribution companies) located at Abrera (Barcelona).

The visit and a later meeting with the CEDAC representatives was held in the framework of the Work Package 5 (Raising self-preparedness and self-protection to reduce population vulnerability), as a first step to engage the work plan for the Task 5.4 (Enabling self-response of the logistic platforms of the food distribution companies during severe weather events).

The task would supply a solution for the logistic operations of supermarket companies to reduce impact caused by weather on European roads. This tool integrating ANYWHERE will give advice of possible road affectations, critical points, traffic capacity decreases or alternative routes, allowing better managerial decisions while handling the fleets of Catalonia.

Representatives of different project partners involded in the task (INTC-Catalan Civil Protection, UPC and HYDS) were also present at the gathering.

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