3 new companies join the ANYWHERE partner Consortium

  • News   •   July 03, 2019

The ANYWHERE project, an innovation action funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme, is about to incorporate 3 new companies: Arantec, Predict Services and RAB Consultants.

The partner Consortium is focused on enabling the main civil protection agencies, as well as the society (companies / citizens) under a potential risk, to respond more rapidly to extreme climate and weather- induced events and to better cope with the high social, environmental and economic impacts associated. By joining the Consortium, these new companies have undertaken to cooperate with the rest of the partners in achieving this goal.

Once the bureaucratic procedures are finished, the Consortium will gather 34 partners, combining small and medium-sized enterprises, operational authorities and first-responder institutions, as well as research and development organisations from 11 different European countries. The ANYWHERE Consortium is expected to make the official announcement on September 2018.

The partner Consortium is focused on enabling civil protection agencies to respond more rapidly to extreme weather-induced events

The new companies are expected to complement the Consortium with their technical capabilities and to contribute to the market uptake of the outcomes generated within the project.

Arantec Engineering is a Spanish company specialised in wireless sensor networks (WSN) and in providing cloud solutions for the measurement and control of environmental phenomena. This company was invited to join the Consortium after winning the ANYWHERE Project Innovation Challenge on March 2018, a contest for selecting the best innovative idea to be integrated for fostering the main project goals (technologically / market uptake).

The new companies are expected to contribute to the market uptake of the outcomes generated within the project

The other two new partners were invited by the project’s General Assembly after evaluating their expertise and potential contribution to achieve the project overall goals.

Predict Services is a French company with experience in providing IT tools to support real-time decision-making for weather-induced hazards, by combining hydrometeorology, telecommunications, space imagery and risk management. So on the company will be able to test ANYWHERE’s project products to integrate them into operational risk management systems.

RAB Consultants is a Scottish company committed to increasing resilience and reducing flood risk impacts, with experience in the development of hydro-meteorological forecasting and early warning systems.

  • News   •   July 03, 2019

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