Docs – Public Documents

Deliverable 1.1 – Report with the recommendations and feedback obtained from the WORKSHOP 1

Deliverable 1.3 – Report describing the methodology for the co-evaluation of the ANYWHERE distributed platform For Decision support in Emergency Management Operation Services (A4DEMOS)

Deliverable 1.4 – Results of the co-evaluation of the ANYWHERE tools, products and services on the pilot sites

Deliverable 2.2 – Preliminary report assessing the robustness and uncertainty of models to forecast weather-induced hazards and impacts

Deliverable 2.5 – Final report describing: (i) Uncertainty of forecasted weather- related hazards, (ii) robustness under worst-case climate change projections and/or coinciding natural hazards, (iii) operationalizability, and (iv) impact forecasting

Deliverable 3.2 – Design of the MH-EWS platform including products, services, interfaces and tests

Deliverable 3.3 – Performance assessment of the MH-EWS platform on the Pilot Sites

Deliverable 4.5 – A4EU prototypes (A4Lig, A4Cat, A4CENEM, A4Nor, A4Finn, A4Alps, and A4Cor): final versions and performance assessment with focus on the comparison between the different A4EU systems’ capabilities and functionalities.

Deliverable 5.1 – Supporting innovation for self-preparedness and self-protection: Good practices, approaches, guidelines and constraint

Deliverable 5.2 – Report describing the products, services and results of the 4 case studies in Tasks 5.3-5.6

Deliverable 5.3 – Report on best practices and strategies for innovative self- preparedness and self-protection and the summary of Lessons Learned from case studies

Deliverable 6.4 – Report compiling the conclusions and the recommendations of the users in the use of the A4EU systems implemented in each pilot site

Deliverable 6.5 – Final report compiling the results of the A4EU in each pilot site

Deliverable 7.3 – Final report on the Business Hub development, validation and tests

Deliverable 8.1 – Communication, Dissemination and Training Plan and Material

Deliverable 8.4 – Final report on Dissemination and Communication activities