The ANYWHERE 3rd Workshop and 7th Project Meeting is coming

  • Events   •   November 05, 2019

In less than a week the ANYWHERE 7th Project Meeting and 3rd Workshop will be held in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain), from 12th to 16th November 2018. The event will bring together more than 200 involved participants in order to show the latest project advancements and to discuss about them. The event will gather the project partners, the members of the different boards linked to the project (Advisory Board, Stakeholders’ Board, Commercial Associates’ Board) as well as a series of companies and disaster-relief organizations with a related field of activity.

It will be also the occasion to enhance the complicity among all these actors and assure the success of the ANYWHERE European collaborative approach. Such as collaboration will ensure the integration of real-time operation requirements in the design of the systems and services operationally implemented within the project.

The selected venue for the Workshop is the World Trade Center. During the event round tables, discussion sessions and technical meetings are scheduled.

Among other activities, there will be interactive exhibitions with computers to show the products of the Multi-Hazard Early Warning System, as well as the A4EU prototypes implemented in the 6 pilot-sites to support decision-making during weather-induced emergencies. The purpose is that the different implementations of the ANYWHERE A4EU platform (capable of operating “anywhere” in Europe), as well as the self-protection tools developed, could be tested by the attendants obtaining a first-hand experience.

Besides, all the participants will have the opportunity to exhibit a poster presenting their activities, developments and products.

It will be the occasion to enhance the complicity among the boards, companies and disaster-relief organizations linked to the project

On November 12th, a training session for a reduced number of stakeholders will be held in the Centre of Emergencies Management belonging to the Catalonia Civil Protection. The main purpose being to show them the functionalities and the usability of the ANYWHERE products and the decision support platform A4EU.

After the workshop, it will also be held the 7h Project Meeting and 9th General Assembly at the headquarters of the Civil Protection General Directorate. Both events are aimed only for the project partners and the Advisory Board members. It is intended to follow-up the current status of the project tasks, to interact and to discuss further detailed plans of the future progress, as well as to perform a constructive interaction between all participants.

Functionalities and usability of the ANYWHERE products and the decision support platform A4EU will be shown

Further information and the full agenda can be accessed by the following link:

  • Events   •   November 05, 2019

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