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Davolio, S., Silvestro, F., & Gastaldo, T. (2017). Impact of Rainfall Assimilation on High-Resolution Hydrometeorological Forecasts over Liguria, Italy. Journal Of Hydrometeorology, 18(10), 2659-2680.

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Public Conference proceedings / Workshop

Armaroli, C., Duo, E. & Ciavola, P. (2017) Evaluation of marine flooding impacts along the coast of Emilia-Romagna (Italy): new methods and comparison with user-driven assessments. In ECCA 2017 Abstract

Fernández-Montblanc, T., Ciavola, P. and Vousdoukas, M.(2017) Developing a storm surge early warning system at pan-european scale. Risks and hazards in natural and urban environments under multiple stress factors, including climate change, Riederalp (Switzerland) Abstract

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Galateia Terti, I. Ruin,M. Kalas, V. Lorini, T. Sabbatini, & A. C. i Alonso. (2017). From Forecasters to the General Public: A Communication Tool to Understand Decision-making Challenges in Weather-related Early Warning Systems. In American Geophysical Union 2017 Fall Meeting Abstracts

Pignone, F., Rebora, N., & Silvestro, F. (2017, April). A datafusion method for QPE: pre-operational application at the Italian national level with 6 years of observed data. In EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts (Vol. 19, p. 15335).

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Chapter in a Book

Lanen H.A.J., van & Vogt, Jürgen & Andreu, Joaquín & Carrao, Hugo & De Stefano, Lucia & Dutra, Emanuel & L, Feyen & Forzieri, Giovanni & M, Hayes & Iglesias, Ana & Lavaysse, Christophe & Naumann, Gustavo & R, Pulwarty & Spinoni, Jonathan & K, Stahl & R, Stefanski & Stilianakis, Nikolaos & Svoboda, Mark & Tallaksen, L.M.. (2017). Climatological risk: droughts. 271-293.

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Thesis / Dissertation

von Lerber, A. (2018). Challenges in measuring winter precipitation: Advances in combining microwave remote sensing and surface observations (Doctoral dissertation, Finnish Meteorological Institute).

Láng, I. (2017). Myrskyjen luokittelua ja vaikutuksia sähköverkkoihin Suomessa. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki).


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Van Loon, A., Rangecroft, S., Van Lanen, H.A.J. (2017) Drought in the Anthropocene: examples from around the world. In JpGU-AGU Conference Abstracts.

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